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Sell Your Home Faster – Tried-and-True Tips

When you place your house on the market, you share a common denominator with every other seller:   you want your home to sell as quickly as possible.  After all, the sooner you sell your home, the fewer on-going mortgage payments you are required to make.  Also, the longer your home is on the market, the more you risk lowering the price since buyers, by nature, will wonder what is wrong with the property.

Homeowners have a lot of influence over how quickly their homes will sell.  Here are five tried-and-true tips that can make all the difference in the world between staying put longer than desired vs. quickly moving out and moving on!  If your home will be on the market, make sure you…

1.  De-clutter and Depersonalize

Your mindset for living in your home must not parallel your mindset for selling your home.  As much as you love your framed family photos, the gnomes in your yard, and the lovely shade of lilac you painted your master bedroom, ‘neutrality’ in your home must be embraced to avoid buyers feeling overloaded with others’ personalized statements.  Psychologically, buyers want to imagine how they will live in the home – give them an expansive opportunity to do just that. 

Fresh paint with neutral tones such as soft grays or light tans will not only make rooms look larger, they will add a crisp, clean, airy feel which will grab buyers’ interests.  Remove dark/heavy curtains and replace them with floor-length panels of cream (not colored) sheers that will allow natural light to filter in – neutral, neutral, neutral is the theme!

If you are able, rent a storage unit for your furnishings.  When furniture is absent, buyers can, once again, imagine how their furniture will fit in.  Plus, rooms without furniture look larger.  This is not to say, however, that you couldn’t have your home professionally staged.  Professional stagers include select pieces of universally-appealing furniture, cozy throw rugs, etc. that add just the right touch to compliment any room’s most appealing features.  Here’s a stunning statistic from the Real Estate Staging Association:  staged homes sell about 87% faster than unstaged homes!

2.  Implement Basic Updates

Not everyone has an endless supply of cash for a complete home renovation to prepare the home for being listed, but basic things can be implemented to help garner a great 1st impression.

If applicable: 

  • Paint kitchen/bathroom cabinets, and add new hardware and faucets.
  • Paint all walls a single color and paint doors and baseboards.
  • Remove worn carpeting and buff/stain/wax hardwood floors underneath or replace old carpeting with new, low-pile, light-colored carpeting.
  • Replace burnt-out light-bulbs for every light fixture.
  • Swap plastic light-switch covers with those that are more aesthetically pleasing – such as ceramic or wood.
  • Make sure all windows function, properly.
  • Line cabinets and shelves with neutral-colored shelving paper
  • Rid the home of all pet odors and/or pet damage
  • Spruce up the curb appeal – paint the front door and add a brass door-knocker; remove invasive shrubbery; mow and edge the yard; add potted flowers; paint/power-wash siding, etc.
  • Clean every inch, nook, and cranny – the first thing home buyers look for is cleanliness.  Think of this task as spring-cleaning on steroids.

Keep this insight from the National Association of Realtors in mind:  Buyers will give you 6 seconds to sell – 3 seconds from the curb and 3 seconds from inside the front entrance.    

3.  Savor the Showings

When your home is on the market, listing agents will schedule showings – embrace them!  Embrace them even if they might prove to be inconvenient.  If buyers are serious, they will want to view the inside of a home to make a final determination.  If your home is presented in its best light and you are willing to accommodate all showings, you increase your chances of grabbing a quicker sale.  Tell yourself, ahead of time, that when you put your home on the market, you will have to jump through a few hoops to achieve the final objective of selling your home, quickly – it will be worth it!

4.  Seek a Tech-Savvy Listing Agent

Which listing agent you choose can make a big difference with how long your home remains on the market.  In this day and age, the utilization of home-marketing technology is an absolute must, and savvy real-estate professionals understand that.  One very effective methodology is offering buyers ‘virtual tours’ of homes – inside and out.  Visual-content marketing campaigns utilize virtual-tour software which allows for immersive, 3-D, 360-degree viewings for buyers who can stop and start the virtual tour, on-demand, from their electronic devices, even their mobile phones.   Videos can seal the deal!


Selecting a real-estate professional who utilizes technology in a variety of forms means the seller can reap the benefits of a quicker sale.  And, by the way, drone tours are becoming popular, too.  Drone tours give buyers a literal bird’s-eye view of how a marketed home is physically situated in relation to schools, thoroughfares, local eateries, parks, entertainment spots, etc.

5.  Make the Price Right


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