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PGA Headquarters Coming to Frisco

Frisco – it’s one booming Dallas suburb!  The amenities Frisco offers probably have a lot to do with Frisco ranked as one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, for 2016-2017 – according to the US Census Bureau’s May 2018 data.  Frisco continues to be recognized as one of the safest places to live and raise a family.  Niche – a highly-recognized rank-and-review company for schools, colleges, cities, and neighborhoods throughout the country – gives Frisco an ‘A+‘ rating with its ‘Good-for-Families’ and ‘Public-Schools’ categories as well as an ‘A’ rating for its ‘Housing’ category.

Frisco’s open land has been ripe for development.  This, in turn, has beckoned developers and investors to embrace the city as an economic powerhouse.  And speaking of Frisco’s open land, something new is coming to Frisco – the PGA Frisco project!

PGA Frisco - Get Ready!

During the last half of 2019, earth-movers could be seen readying the ground in Frisco for the construction of the future site of the PGA America Headquarters and its two championship courses. The PGA Frisco – a dream come true for golf enthusiasts, both novice, seasoned, and professional! 

The PGA Frisco project is slated for completion by June 2022, and organizers are pleased the construction schedule is on track.  Seth Waugh – PGA of America CEO – and Darrell Crall – PGA of America Chief Operating Officer – unanimously call this dynamic endeavor the future home of American golf. 

PGA Frisco - The Excitement is in the Details!

The details concerning PGA Frisco should get anyone excited – they include:

  • It will be home for upcoming PGA, Women’s PGA, and Senior PGA Championships
  • The project will include 660 acres – larger than both TPC Four Seasons and Trinity Forest
  • Sixty acres will be a commercial zone and 600 acres will be reserved for courses and amenities
  • Two 18-hole championship courses will include the East Course which will be more spread out and the West Course which will include the highest and lowest points of the landscape
  • A short course and practice areas will be available – playable for not just professionals, but for the community, also
  • Forty-five acres of man-made wetlands will be on site
  • This will be an old-style course that honors the game – the course will be restored, largely, to its natural landscape
  • A natural amphitheater will be located at the 14th, 15th, and 16th holes on the East Course since many matches end around that stretch and don’t go a full-18 holes
  • This project is expected to generate greater than $2.5 billion in economic development over the next two decades
  • The site has been promised 23 championship events, over 13 years

To top-off all of this, Frisco ISD will have access to all the courses as well as areas for high-school golf practice and tournaments

Frisco, Texas is hopping!  This young, affluent, well-educated city hosts 4.3 million visitors every single year, and it attracts people in a multitude of ways.  Frisco Mayor, Jeff Cheney, stated: “There is a lot of demand for people to move to Frisco, and that is, largely, because of our great school district, the high quality of life, great amenities, great housing, and great shopping.  All of these things are why people are flocking here!  And now we have the PGA Frisco Project –the ‘Silicon Valley of Golf’ ”.


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