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Kick the (Paint) Can on Earth Day

Many of us have a used paint can or two inhabiting the garage or lurking on the shelves in the outdoor shed. Now’s your chance to be kind to the planet and make a difference on Earth Day. Recycle your old household paint at Trendmaker Homes’ Paint the Community “Green” event.

To celebrate Earth Day, Trendmaker Homes is making it easy to kick the (paint) can. Simply bring your used household paint cans to any Trendmaker model in the Houston area on April 21 and 22 between noon and 6 p.m. Trendmaker Homes will recycle it safely and properly, by disposing of it in an environmentally responsible manner.

Paints that are accepted include:
Water-based paints
Water-based stains

Not accepted include:
Alkyds and lacquers
Oil-based paints
Anything flammable
Any unlabeled paint can

Thanks to its sustainable approach to homebuilding, Trendmaker offers homes that allow all ages to embrace green living. Homes are built with better, healthier building materials and systems to help you save water and energy, be kind to Mother Earth and breathe easier in your home. Examples include radiant barrier roof sheathing, low VOC insulation and interior paint and energy efficient appliances, among other features.

This Earth Day, drop off your paint cans and enjoy a tour of one of our beautifully decorated model homes. See some of the latest trends in interior design and discover “LivingSmart®” at Trendmaker Homes.

If you are unable to drop off your paint at a Trendmaker model during this event, there are some other ways to recycle or dispose of your leftover paint.

Toss latex paint in the trash.
Unlike oil paints, latex paints aren’t considered hazardous waste. For latex paints that can’t be recycled or reused, dry it up first. For small amounts at the bottom of the can, leave it out in the sun (away from children and pets). If there’s more than a small amount, add kitty litter or newspaper to help soak up the paint and speed the drying process. Home improvement stores and online retailers also offer paint hardeners for this purpose if you’d like to go that route. Check with your local trash collector, but in many locations, you can dispose of solidified paint with the rest of your regular household trash.

Recycle the cans. Recycle empty paint cans with other metals. If dried paint fills a can to a depth of about a half inch or less, dry it in the can and recycle the paint can.

Donate it. Some charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity Restores accept leftover paint to recycle it. Ask friends if they need some paint to reinvent an old dresser or perk up bar stools. Or help an elderly neighbor by giving a fresh coat of paint to a special piece of furniture or a rocker.

 Let the professionals handle it. If you can’t properly recycle or give away your paint, or if it is considered hazardous (like oil-based paints), let the experts dispose of it. Search for a hazardous waste drop-off facility in your area at

Ready to explore a home with “green” possibilities? Our New Home Specialist, Kim Bennett, would be happy to help! Click here to learn more about our Houston communities.




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