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How Color Affects the Mood in Your Home

Polished and refined? Warm and rich? Or playful and a bit whimsical? Whatever your personal style, hues in your home can create a certain mood and showcase your individual taste.

With fun pops of fuchsia, a dramatic cobalt or a fresh fern-green seen as popular options in home décor items, it’s no secret that color has a powerful influence on emotion. Designers have long used selected shades as design tools to create rooms that appear serene, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic.

Keep in mind that color can make a small room feel larger, or a spacious one feel more intimate. The paint colors you choose, as well as the accent hues of the furniture and accessories, all set the tone to create the ambiance of the room. The most important thing is to find the colors that inspire you and that elevate your mood.

Interested in experimenting in your own space? Here’s a basic guide to color and emotion:

Red. Not for the faint of heart, a stimulating red heightens the senses. Depending on the shade and use, red can feel contemporary, traditional or rustic. According to feng shui teachings, a vivid red front door invites prosperity.  Or if you want to play it a little more on the safe side with this bold color, use a touch of red to warm up a neutral room or add drama to a small space like a powder room.

Pink. Many people may think bubblegum and girls’ rooms are synonymous, but pink can have even broader applications. A bright, vivid tone like fuchsia suggests energy and glamour. Blush or a neutral hue with pink undertones can create a soothing effect.

Orange. Orange represents optimism. From sun-kissed citrus to inspiring sunsets bold orange accents can add energy to your home. For a fun variation, try a shade like apricot or terra cotta that is more subtle and relaxed.

Yellow. Sunny yellow prompts feelings of happiness. A lemonade hue is perfect for a busy kitchen or use brighter pops to spark communication and creativity.

Green. The dominant shade found in nature, green represents growth and renewal. With so many shades and both warm and cool tones, green is ultra-versatile, creating many moods that pair well with a wide range of other colors.

Blue. Blue evokes feelings of calmness and represents strength and dependability. A bold shade like sapphire can add a punch of energy to a room, while sky and ocean shades convey tranquility. Darker shades can add drama, and paler shades make small spaces feel larger.

Purple. Depending on the shade, purple can be quiet (like with a pale lavender) or dramatic (as the deep violet is).  The color of royalty, purple can offer richness or flair to rooms of your choice.

Gray. Now quite popular as a background shade, gray has an inherent calmness and sophistication about it. Choose a dark gray that symbolizes strength, or go for a softer tone that feels more delicate.


When it comes to color, don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative. Many paint retailers and websites offer online tools and collections that can help you create a color palette that you love and will fit your home’s aesthetic superbly. With a little planning, you can find the colors that will make your home the perfect expression of your style.

Interested in setting the mood in your own Trendmaker home? Kim Bennett, our New Home Specialist would be happy to help you find your new home. Click here to learn about our Houston communities or click here for more about our Austin communities.


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