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Happy Homebuying: What You Need to Succeed

Is purchasing a new home on the horizon in 2019? Whether you’re looking for your first home or your fifth, the homebuying process can feel a bit daunting to get started. But there a few things you can do right now to work towards your home ownership goals and make the whole process a little easier.

Check Your Finances
Get an idea of not only how much home can you afford, but how much are you comfortable paying for. There are plenty of online mortgage calculators that will estimate monthly payments. Keep in mind what your life might be like in the future – will you need to worry about tuition, or are you planning to retire soon? For questions about the financing process, take a look at our financing page for more info.

Find a Reputable Realtor
Finding an agent you can trust can make a huge difference in your homebuying experience. They will be your guide through every step of the, often times, months-long process. So, ask friends and family for recommendations. Look up local real estate agencies and check their reviews. And before you commit to an agent, grab coffee so you can meet them in person to make sure you feel completely comfortable and confident.

Do Your Homework
Take a look online or talk to your agent to get a better idea of the current market price for homes in the area you’re interested in. Then start touring model homes and visiting open houses to get a better sense of your preferences in terms of floor plans and finishes. You might think you want an older, more traditional layout, only to discover that you love the airiness of a newer, open-concept home. Many times, you won’t know until you see the space in person.

Learn the Lingo

What’s an option period? What does it mean to be pre-approved or pre-qualified? There’s a lot of jargon that’s going to be thrown around throughout the whole process. Familiarizing yourself with it now will make the whole process easier later, but don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way.

Are you ready to make your move? Our New Home Specialist, Kim Bennett, would be happy to help! Click here to learn more about our Houston communities, and click here to learn more about our Austin communities.


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