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Getting Organized: 5 Essential To Dos

The new year is when we can hit the reset button and start fresh. One of the best ways to begin the year is with a clean slate – literally. Now is a great time to clear the clutter spilling over to the counters and coffee table, and lurking in corners and closets.

The best reason? Calm, clean, inviting spaces help you focus and relax. It’s also easier to know what you have and appreciate what really matters. If you’re not sure where to start, little steps will go a long way to making big organizational improvements in your home. Here are five easy organizational to dos to help you save time and your sanity.

  1. Set manageable goals.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by trying to tackle too much at once. Break down your organizing into small steps. For example, take on one room or one organizational task in your home every week. Start small, perhaps with a bath or even one piece of furniture like a dresser. When the room or task is finished, go on to the next goal. Be persistent, and eventually you will enjoy a home with much less clutter.

  1. Let it go.

Don’t feel afraid to ruthlessly purge any item that’s outlived its usefulness. For each item, ask yourself if you need it, use it or love it. If not, let it go! Learn to live with less, and appreciate simplicity. Donate clothing or items that have not been used in a year or more. Take the items to a local shelter or worthy organization right away.

  1. Clear off countertops.

Kitchen, bath or home office counters can be catch-alls for all sorts of items – mail, keys, appliances and toiletries – to accumulate. Keep only the items you use every day out on the counters. Put away, toss or donate the cleared items. For items you use daily, organize them neatly on a tray or in a basket. Put others away in an easily accessible drawer or on a shelf.

  1. Organize drawers and shelves.

Now is the time to confront the dreaded junk drawer. Remember, the end reward is great. One room at a time, pull everything out of drawers and off of shelves. Keep what you need, and purge the rest. Use mesh dividers, acrylic or bamboo trays or drawer inserts to organize your belongings. In the linen closet, tie colorful ribbons around sheet sets so that the individual pieces don’t stray.

  1. Invest in smart storage solutions.

Dividers, drawer organizers and baskets make drawer and shelf organization much easier. Pick up inexpensive, clear organizers, or use dividers to keep your items at hand and under control. Choose shoe stackers or over-the-door organizers to help keep closet clutter at bay. A special rack with hooks to hold belts, scarves and accessories is a great organizational tool.

Now’s the perfect time to find your dream home – and organize it your way. Our New Home Specialist, Kim Bennett, would be happy to help! Click here to learn more about our Houston communities or click here to learn more about our Austin communities.


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