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Genius Garage Organization Hacks

Genius Garage Organization Hacks

Is your garage space working for you? It can be easy to forget about the garage after we come home and walk inside. But when everything in the garage has its own specific and easy-to-find place, it can make everyday life so much easier. So, whether your garage is full of sports equipment, gardening and lawn tools, kids’ stuff or all of the above, here are a few of Trendmaker Homes’ garage organization ideas for you to consider.

Use every surface.

A great way to get started is by thinking about how you can be using all the different surfaces in your garage – from the floor and walls to the ceiling. Make good use of your walls with shelving (floating shelves or a shelving unit), various racks and cabinets. Higher shelves can help keep sharp objects and other potential hazards away from tiny hands. A pegboard is also an efficient way to use wall storage, keeping smaller tools and other items organized on hooks or in hanging baskets for easy access.

Larger items such as bicycles and paddle boards can hang on garage ceiling racks, and fishing rods can rest on hooks on the wall. Ceiling storage is also a good place for seasonal items such as skis or boxes of holiday decorations. When you use the ceiling and floor for storage, you’ll have more space for items that should stay on the floor within close reach.

Give wheels their own “parking spot.”

Your cars are the main vehicles parking in your garage, but what about your other wheeled items? For lawnmowers, scooters, kids’ cars and wagons, you may want to keep them in their own designated parking spot. One idea is to remove the bottom shelf of a shelving unit and park all your “mini vehicles” underneath. That way, no one is tripping over them during nighttime walks in the garage. 

Repurpose items for storage.

You may have some unused, everyday items lying around that could be turned into clever storage solutions. Take, for example, a filing cabinet. Remove the drawers, flip it on its side, give it a fresh coat of paint and you’ve got a storage unit for brooms, rakes and other upright items. Another upcycling idea: Empty jars make great storage containers for smaller items such as nails and screws.

Label everything.

If you have storage boxes in your garage, be sure to label them and update them when you change what’s inside. There’s nothing like opening a box labeled “camping equipment” to find old photo albums. It’s also wise to group things together by use. For example, keep all the sports equipment in one area, car washing supplies and mechanic tools in another, and all holiday items together. When everything has a home and is clearly labeled, it makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for.  

Trendmaker Homes are thoughtfully designed to give you the ultimate home experience – from the beautiful interiors to spacious garages. You can find ways to maximize your space in our 2-car garages or in our larger garages, the possibility of high functionality and storage can take shape. Whether it’s a 3-car tandem garage or an extended 4-car garage, you can store all your belongings (plus your car) and make the most of your space with these tips.

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