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9 Secrets to an Organized Home

You might be surprised at how much your environment impacts your life. Serene, happy spaces are generally clean and streamlined, while clutter can create chaos.

Feng shui and other organization experts advise that an orderly home can have positive benefits for your health, family life, relationships and even your future. So, kick the clutter and try these 9 secrets for an organized home:

  1. Develop a new attitude and a game plan.

First, don’t dread getting started. Think of an organized home as a special gift of peace and pleasure for you and your family. You’ve got this! Next, decide what you want  your home to look like and where you want to begin and end.

  1. Start small.

Tackle just one room at a time. Or choose just one task at a time, like clearing the pantry or editing a category of belongings. Evaluate what brings you joy and can stay and what can be tossed, donated or recycled, one area at a time.

  1. Make cleaning more fun.

Cleaning will never be the favorite on anyone’s to-do list, but many have found ways to make it more tolerable. Turn on a fun playlist or listen to an audiobook or podcast while you pick up or complete mundane tasks. Get the kids involved by making cleaning a fun competition or a game.

  1. Take just ten minutes every day.

If you do small cleaning and organizing tasks every day, you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish. In ten-minute increments, you can do the dishes, vacuum, open the mail or go through a pile of papers. Always put things away as soon as you’re done with them. This way, you won’t end up with an overwhelming to-do pile.

  1. Keep countertops and floors clear.

Don’t let clutter pile up on tables, counters or on the floor. In the kitchen, adjust your shelves to create more space. Then, get the blender, bread machine and other big appliances off the counter.

  1. Approach organization with a clear eye.

It can be tempting to buy fun, new storage containers, baskets and bins. But organize the items you plan to put in them first. That way, you’ll get just what you need. Think about a toy basket for the living room or playroom, acrylic trays and stacking drawers for a bathroom and pretty trays for a bedroom vanity or dresser.

  1. Make your bed every day.

Take a tip from Admiral William H. McRaven whose University of Texas graduation speech went viral after he told students to make their beds every day. His reasoning was that if you make your bed every day, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. From there, it will encourage you to do another task and then another, and eventually this is how you change the world. Plus, it reinforces that the little things in life matter. If you can accomplish small tasks, you can accomplish bigger ones. So, make an effort to pull up your sheets and comforter daily.

  1. Get your closets under control.

After you clear out the items that you no longer need, organize the rest so you find what you are looking for quickly.

  • Switch to one type of hanger. This makes it easier to see everything, prevents them from getting tangled together and keeps everything organized.
  • Use hanging shoe bags for gloves and hats in winter, for swimsuits and sunglasses in summer or for scarves and belts all year long.
  • At least once a year, make an effort to purge your closet of any clothes, shoes and accessories you haven’t used in the past 12 months.
  1. Create an efficient entryway.

Whether front entry or mudroom, your family’s entry spot is crucial to an organized home. Here, you can corral caps, umbrellas, keys and mail. If you have a mudroom, consider a small bench or other seating. Well-placed hooks keep coats and backpacks off the floor.

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