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8 Things Only Texan Homeowners Understand

From chilly swimming holes on a sweltering summer day to slow-cooked barbecue worth waiting for, there are some things Texans just know to appreciate. If you’re new to the Lone Star State or explaining our iconic culture to visitors, here are some things Texas homeowners know to be true.

Everything is bigger in Texas.
It’s no secret Texans enjoy big things. Like 10-gallon hats. Longhorns. And at 302-feet high, even our state capitol building is taller than the U.S. Capitol Building by 14 feet. Yet, when it comes to homes, Trendmaker Homes – a builder with homegrown roots – has one that is just the right size for you. Trendmaker’s premium homes range from cozy garden homes to spacious estate-style homes. Trendmaker homes in the Houston and Austin areas feature open, airy floor plans and lots of natural light that makes new and native Texans feel right at home.

The weather is unpredictable.
There’s a saying in the Lone Star State: “Don’t like the weather? Just wait an hour.” Chilly morning temperatures that leap up 30-40 degrees by the afternoon are not uncommon. That’s why Trendmaker Homes makes energy efficiency and convenience a top priority. In Trendmaker homes you’ll find the latest in green technology and home automation features that allow you to adjust your thermostat right from your mobile device. So, you can keep your monthly bills in check and stay comfortable no matter what the weather decides to do.

Speaking of the weather, summers are a little warm…
But we love them. Along with homemade ice cream, backyard cookouts and lazy rivers. Even when it’s sweltering outside, Trendmaker homes help you stay cool inside. Trendmaker’s LivingSmart® program incorporates smart heating and cooling systems, energy-saving appliances and a radiant barrier roof. The result? Texas-sized energy savings that keep green in your pocket all year long. 

George is king.
Classic country western balladeers George Strait and George Jones are found on every sound system from Amarillo to Brownsville. And if that’s not the case for you, you’re clearly not from around these parts. Thanks to HomeSmart® technology in Trendmaker homes, you can control your home’s temperature, lighting—and music—via your smartphone or tablet with just a tap. Write this down or risk a fool-hearted memory.

The stars at night are big and bright.
Night skies in the Lone Star State are legendary with their vast stretches of twinkling lights. Many a Texan has made memories during a laid-back evening stargazing. Enjoy a spectacular sunset and watch for falling stars from your outdoor patio or spacious backyard. Optional: singing Deep in the Heart of Texas.

Texas produce has cred.
The seasonal stars of the state are agricultural. Like Fredericksburg peaches. Pecos cantaloupe. And citrus from the Rio Grande Valley. Whether you buy from a local farmer’s market or your neighborhood H-E-B, look for Texas-grown. Then, enjoy a juicy treat straight from the market, or whip up something delicious in your spacious Trendmaker Homes kitchen. You get bonus points for hand-cranked ice cream.

Not all plants are created equal.
Bluebonnets are revered in the state and are never to be picked or mowed. When spring hits, you’ll find plenty of photographers capturing family, friends and pets in fields of the state flower. Heat takes a toll on bluebonnets and on Texas yard plants. One feature of Trendmaker Homes’ EarthSmart® program is drought-tolerant landscaping, available Austin communities.

You don’t mess with chili.
The Texas legislature dubbed chili the official state food of Texas in 1977. The bowl of red is taken very seriously in the state with week-long festivals dedicated to its creation, and recipes with secret ingredients handed down through generations. Know authentic Texas chili does not have beans. Prepare for some heated discussions if you add legumes.

Ready for a new home where you can celebrate Texas traditions in style and comfort? Our New Home Specialists would be happy to help! Click here to learn more about our Houston communities or click here to learn more about our Austin communities.



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