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5 Tips to Bringing Nature Closer to Home

Did you know that spending time outdoors and in nature has many health benefits, like an improved sense of wellbeing and increased attention span? Bringing nature closer to home is an easy way to take advantage of all the benefits Mother Nature has to offer.

Trendmaker Homes offers spacious outdoor patios and porches that make getting your daily dose of fresh air a breeze. But you don’t have to have an outdoor space to bring nature close to home! Here are some simple ways you can bring the outdoors into almost any space.

Natural Light

Bountiful sunlight has many benefits, including reduced eye strain and added visual appeal, so take advantage whenever you can! Trendmaker homes feature large windows and rooms that are flooded with bright, cheery sunlight. Sheer curtains and half-open blinds allow light in while preventing glares on computer and TV screens, so you can fully enjoy the sunshine.


Any houseplant will add a ton of ambiance to a space, but certain plants, like ivy and spider plants, will also help to purify the air in your home so you can breathe easier. Jewel-colored succulents are an easy and hardy addition to nearly any room, or you could start your very own windowsill herb garden to add a fresh bite to dinner!


Hanging artwork of vibrant flowers and lush foliage is a tried-and-true way to green up a space. You could even add decorative items, like dishes shaped like leaves or throw pillows with floral prints, to take it even further. And if you have more of a brown thumb than a green one, fake plants can look just as good as the real thing!

Color Schemes

Color can greatly change the mood and feel of a space. Including earth tones in shades of green and brown can help bring the essence of nature to your home in a unique and subtle way. As a bonus, the color green can evoke feelings of peace, refreshment and security.

Outdoor Living

If you do have an outdoor living space, then make sure to take full advantage! Make your outdoor space useable with the addition of a table and chairs for dining alfresco, a hammock for afternoon naps or even use it as a space to expand your container garden of flowers and vegetables.

Ready to make the move to a new home that makes it easy to enjoy nature? Connect with our New Home Specialists in Austin or Houston to find your perfect Trendmaker home.

Jenn Hickman
New Home Specialist – Austin

Aricka Giles & Kim Bennett
New Home Specialists – Houston


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