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5 Reasons to Move to Houston

Location, location, location. When shopping for a new home, finding the right spot for your family can even be more important than the home itself.

For the last decade, Houston has remained one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. People are flocking to the greater Houston area, not just from other Texas cities, but from all over the world. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider making Houston your new home.

  1. Employment Opportunities
    People go where the jobs are, and Houston’s economy is rapidly growing. Sysco, Hewlett Packard, Shell, United Airlines, Chevron, Memorial Hermann and Exxon Mobile are just a few of the major companies based in Houston. With so many employment hubs located throughout the city, is more likely for you to find a job in your industry.
  2. Cost of Living
    Home prices and general costs are a major factor in a lot of homebuyers’ decisions to move to Houston. Many people moving from out of state could see as much as a 20-40% decrease in cost of living. That means you could potentially afford to invest more in your hobbies or in home features like a soaking tub or home theatre.
  3. Schools
    If you have school-aged children, school districts can be a huge deciding factor. Houston has some of the most sought-after schools in the state. And later on down the road, the University of Houston and Rice University are located nearby. So hopefully, the kids can stay close to home for college.
  4. Food Scene
    Houston is quickly becoming known for its unique and diverse foodie culture. While BBQ and Tex-Mex are local staples, you can find anything from authentic Italian and Thai to more exotic offerings like Ethiopian or South African fusion.
  5. Entertainment
    You’ll never run out of things to explore between the Houston Zoo, the Space Center Houston and the Museum District, which is home to 19 different museums ranging in focus from natural science and history to art and culture. Plus, music lovers and sports fans alike will love the proximity to the NRG Stadium where you can catch a concert, NFL game, or even rodeo if you’re looking for a dose of authentic Texas entertainment.

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