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2020 Trends for Home Décor

The new year is always special ­– mainly because it gives us a chance to launch something new, whether to benefit our health, our wallet or even our home! As a new decade begins, let’s look at some fun home design trends.  

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Warmer Neutrals

Neutral colors remain popular, but 2020 is seeing an evolution from cool whites and grays to warmer tones, such as bone and wool white, says Yvonne Pratt on her blog, StoneGable. Warm neutrals work well for the walls in your home, but they also make great choices for furniture and bedding.

Turned-up Textures

Velvet is having a major moment, and you’ll be seeing it in lush furnishings from European-inspired couches to armchairs, according to the Collected Interior Design firm. Combining luxury and comfort, velvet furnishings and accessories come in a wide range of hues, from bold blues and mustard yellow to pink and taupe. Show some personality with smaller doses, like a velvet bedspread or colorful throw pillows.

Bold Black

No doubt about it, black makes a bold statement. The inky hue is showing up everywhere, from  sophisticated light fixtures to an unexpected, but opulent black-hued soaking tub. Many designers are suggesting pairing black with a crisp white for a dramatic high contrast. Consider a two-tone kitchen with black base cabinets and white uppers or a pop on the island. Or go with a bold black-and-white bedroom or gorgeous Art Deco-inspired patterned flooring.

A Nature Connection

Nature-inspired design has been around for a long time. And for good reason. Increasing our connectivity to nature directly or indirectly has “health, environmental, and economic benefits,” says Becky Shea of Becky Shea Design on Welcome nature into your home through earthy elements, such as live plants, recycled wood, stone and metal.

Geometric Pops

According to Collected Interior Design, “Geometric patterns have been on an upward trend for years.” The ubiquitous pattern is on everything from wallpaper to notebooks. Yet, with a deft touch, a geometric design can make a bold and vibrant statement. Try a standout light fixture in a bathroom or a strategic chair.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability and greener living remain a top priority. Homebuyers are choosing eco-friendly engineered flooring, water- and energy-saving appliances and upcycled furnishings. Trendmaker Homes uses green and sustainable building materials from the start. Every home comes with energy-saving LivingSmart® technology that allows you to live comfortably, reduce energy bills and help take care of the planet, too.

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In the meantime, check out some examples of the above decor trends in our Trendmaker showcase homes. 

Ready to move to a new home where you can enjoy a green lifestyle, plus energy-saving, eco-friendly smart technology? Our New Home Specialist in Austin would be happy to help!


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