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We’ve been a leader in green building since 2001 and our commitment is always expanding. It always will, with a steadfast passion for improving the quality of life for our home owners and the legacy we’ll all leave on this amazing planet. New materials, technologies and features are constantly being incorporated into our LivingSmart® program that includes five specific areas of advancement: HealthSmart®, EnergySmart®, EarthSmart®, WaterSmart® and HomeSmart®.

LivingSmart® in its entirety is all about health and well-being for you and your family, as well as the planet. It’s the ultimate win-win that improves everyday life for years to come, constantly evolving as we all become smarter together.


Part of green living is making sure that your body is as healthy as your environment. We take great care in where and how we build your home so it is conducive to a healthy, happy lifestyle. HealthSmart features: » Water Filtration Systems » Low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint » Low-formaldehyde carpet pads


Our new homes have been enhanced with energy-efficient features that are designed to save you money. Every LivingSmart® home is independently certified to exceed local energy codes. EnergySmart features: » Low E2 Glazing on Windows » Radiant Roof Barrier » Cost-saving LED bulbs


Green homes start with the building process. From start to finish, we keep the environmental impact of our building in mind. We believe green homes are better built homes. EarthSmart features: » Third-party testing » 100% formaldehyde-free insulation » Drought-tolerant landscaping


Smart technology that helps you stay comfortable, in control, connected and able to save energy – from home or anywhere. Control your temperature, lighting and much more via your smart phone or tablet with just a tap. HomeSmart features: » Eero Home WiFi Mesh Network » Wi-Fi controlled thermostats » Home Automation Control Panel controllable via your smart device » Z-wave® controlled light switches


Conserving water resources can have a great impact on your utility bill without altering your lifestyle. You’ll save gallons of water every day because of the latest environmental technologies we utilize. WaterSmart features: » Delta WaterSense™ faucets » Irrigation Systems with timers » Water-conserving dishwashers

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