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Trendmaker Homes has teamed up with Amazon to bring you Alexa-integrated living in our thoughtfully designed homes

A Trendmaker® Home is your haven, the perfect backdrop for your life, providing convenience and energy efficiency in all the right places. HomeSmart® features give you the comfort, security and WiFi connectivity you need to control many of your home’s features with just a swipe of your smartphone or spoken command. Your HomeSmart® package includes Echo devices and HomeSmart® products that work with Alexa to create seamless living.

Comfort and Control

Save energy at home or while you’re away via your smart phone or tablet. Temperature, lighting and much more can be controlled with just a tap, for your ongoing comfort or imminent arrival.

Home Smart - Comfort and Control
Home Smart - Access and Security

Access and Security

Control access and securely monitor who’s coming and going on your own smart device. Even when you’re away, you can let in service providers and guests. It’s the ultimate peace of mind at home or on the go.

WiFi Connectivity

Keeping you connected is key, and a home that’s pre-wired for a central wireless access point ensures that. Whether controlling your connected smart devices or streaming your favorite shows, your signal stays strong.

"Home Smart - WiFi Connectivity "

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We’re dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our customers and the planet, which is why we created the LivingSmart® program.

It’s five components are named to convey how each protects you, your family, and this big blue marble we all call home –

HealthSmart®, EnergySmart™, EarthSmart®, WaterSmart® and HomeSmart™.