May I call the office with my Customer Care service requests?

A regular service request must be submitted in writing. It can be sent through our website, by fax or mail. If you have an emergency, then you may call but we will still ask that you submit the item in writing as well.

What happens if I have an emergency over the weekend?

Our Customer Care Representatives' phones are monitored over the weekends and on holidays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please leave a detailed message and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

What does it mean when it says that I have a "limited" warranty?

You have a 10-year warranty on your home but there are exclusions to that warranty, such as cosmetic items or wind-driven rain due to a hurricane, that are not covered after you close on your home. The warranty also is limited by what is covered for the 1st year, the 2nd year and the remaining 3 to 10 years. Please read your warranty booklet to learn the specifics about what is covered during each of these time periods. You can also call our Customer Care Representatives for further explanation.

What does "cosmetic" mean?

Cosmetic means the physical appearance of wood trim, doors, cabinets, countertops, concrete surfaces, painted areas, etc. in respect to imperfections, such as, nicks, scratches, cuts, dents, drips, blemishes and finish variations.

My windows appear to be leaking and water sits on the sill but I am told this is due to condensation. What is condensation and what can I do to protect my window sill and wall?

Condensation on interior surfaces, such as window sills, is the build-up of moisture which often occurs during cold weather. It is a result of the humidity level in the home combined with the difference of inside and outside temperatures. Damage to window sills and sheetrock is possible from excessive condensation draining onto the finished woodwork. Contact the Customer Care Representatives and they will gladly explain what you can do to minimize this condition in your home.

What should I use to clean my hardwood floors?

You should contact the flooring company who installed your wood floors and they will provide you with the manufacturer suggested product for cleaning your hardwood floors. We do not recommend you select a product advertised on the television unless you have verified with the manufacturer first that the product will not damage your wood floors.

My smoke alarm will not stop beeping and I have changed the battery. What should I do?

Your battery is a back up in case of a power failure. When your battery is removed, power is still feeding your alarm. On the advice of an electrician, they suggest that if the alarm is still beeping to disconnect the low voltage wires inside the alarm and then contact your electrician as soon as possible to further assist you. Also, the smoke alarms are sensitive to dust and dust particles and may require cleaning to stop the beeping. A hairdryer is suggested to clean the smoke alarm. It will remove the dust particles.

My exterior electrical outlets are not working. What should I do?

All exterior outlets are on a GFCI and if the outlet is overloaded it can be tripped and then will need to be reset. The reset button is in the breaker box which is located either in the garage or the utility room. When the GFCI is reset, all power will be restored to the exterior outlets. If the GFCI will not reset, check the breakers in the electric box to make sure they are all in the correct position.

How do I locate the different color selections for my home i.e. paint, tile, carpet?

You should have received a copy of your selections from your community sales manager prior to closing on your home. If you cannot locate your copy, pelase contact Customer Care and a Representative will be happy to give you the information.

May I call the vendor directly who helped to build my home?

Yes, you may. If you call to have them to handle a repair, please contact the Customer Care Representatives also and notify them of the repair in writing. This is important so that there is a record of the work being done with Trendmaker Homes' Customer Care Representatives.

Is it alright to water my yard trees using just the sprinkler system?

No, yard trees require more water than a sprinkler system can provide. Watering should be done once every three days for 15 to 20 minutes. You should water by hand allowing a deep, slow soaking for each tree. Consult your Homeowner Manual for more detailed information.

My dishwasher will not turn on. There is no power. What should I do?

On the wall of the backsplash near the kitchen sink and dishwasher there is a switch which controls the power to the dishwasher. Flip that switch, as you would a light switch, and your dishwasher should receive power and work. If there is still a problem with getting power to the dishwasher, then please contact the Customer Care Representatives.