Trendmaker Homes Service Areas

Below is a list of all of the areas that we serve. Please click on link below for more information about our New Home Building, Master Planned Communities, Custom Homes and more.

Katy, TX

Katy is a beautiful city located just outside of Houston Texas and has a population of over 12,000. Trendmaker Homes specializes in New Home Builders Katy TX, Master Planned Communities Katy TX, New Homes Katy TX, and Homes Katy TX. If you are in need of any of these services please click the links above or visit our main site Trendmaker Homes

Cypress, TX

New Home Builder Cypress TX

Master Planned Communities Cypress Texas

New Homes Cypress TX

Woodlands, TX

New Home Builder Woodlands TX

Master Planned Communities Woodlands TX

New Homes Woodlands Texas

Homes Woodlands TX

West Houston, TX

New Home Builders West Houston TX

Master Planned Communities West Houston TX

New Homes West Houston TX

Homes West Houston TX

Fulshear, TX

Master Planned Communities Fulshear TX

New Homes Fulshear Texas

Sugar Land TX

Master Planned Communities Sugar Land TX

New Home Builder Sugar Land TX

Homes Sugar Land TX


Build on your Lot Houston TX

Build on your Land Houston TX

Custom Home Builder Houston TX

Custom Homes Houston TX

Patio Homes Houston Texas

Friendswood, TX

New Home Builder Friendswood TX

Galveston, TX

New Homes Galveston Texas

Conroe, TX

New Homes Conroe Texas

Clear Lake, TX

New Homes Clear Lake Texas

Montgomery County, TX

New Homes Montgomery County Texas

Kingwood, TX

New Homes Kingwood Texas

Barton Woods, TX

New Homes Barton Woods Texas

Pearland, TX

New Homes Pearland Texas

Avanti Custom Homes

Build on your Lot Houston Texas

Texas Casual Cottages

Build on your Land Texas