Mission Statement

Our Customer Care Representatives' goal is to be courteous, prompt, efficient, and honest with all of our homeowners in an effort to provide total satisfaction on all requests for service.

About our Warranty

Trendmaker Homes warrants against defects caused by faulty workmanship and materials due to non-compliance with approved construction standards set forth by our "Express Home Warranty." To prevent misunderstandings, you should become familiar with these approved standards by reading the "Express Home Warranty" booklet in your Homeowner Manual.

The 2-Year Maintenance Checklist offers our homeowners additional information on responsibilities for maintaining their home. Your "Express Home Warranty" is a limited 10-year warranty on your home. During your first two years, the major mechanicals and specific performance standards are covered and during this time you will be dealing with the Customer Care Representatives to address your concerns on any related issues. At the end of two years, the responsibility of maintaining the interior and exterior of your home on a regular basis becomes yours as the homeowner. Therefore, we have developed a checklist with suggested maintenance items and the period of time when these items should be inspected. This checklist allows you to review the areas that will require your attention and the timeframe when you will want to be checking these items. With any other items that remain under warranty, please submit a written request and the Customer Care Representatives will assist you.

Customer Care

Trendmaker Homes wishes to build a home that will be a source of pride and pleasure for your family for many years to come. Our primary focus is for your Trendmaker experience to be safe, enjoyable and relaxed. Our ultimate goal is that you will be highly-satisfied and refer Trendmaker Homes to your friends, family and associates.